Brunswick County ROD

Real Estate Records

The Register of Deeds office maintains and safeguards a number of real estate and non-real estate documents. Some of these date to the founding of Brunswick County, which was formed in 1764 from parts of Bladen and New Hanover counties in what was then the Province of North Carolina. These early records include agreements, conveyances, grants, indentures, and wills. Wills are now filed in the Clerk Of Superior Court

Today our office records real estate instruments such as deeds, deeds of trust, easements, mortgages, maps, restrictions & covenants, releases, and satisfactions. We also record numerous other documents including appointments, assumed names, affidavits, agreements, bonds, notices, powers of attorney, and UCCs. Many are accessible online and all are viewable in our Bolivia office.

Excise Tax

An excise tax is levied on each instrument by which any interest in real property is conveyed to another person. The current tax rate is $1.00 per $500. Previous tax rates were:

  • 1/1/1968 to 7/31/1991: $0.50 per $500
  • 9/20/1941 to 12/31/1967: $0.55 per $500
  • 6/21/1932 to 9/19/1941: $0.50 per $500

Recording Documents

For recording fees, requirements, and standards, click here.

Certified Copy

A certified copy of a deed or other document (legal or letter size ) is $5.00 the first page and $2.00 each additional page. Certified copies of survey maps are $5.00 each map. The fee schedule is viewable here.

Send written request along with payment to:

P. O. Box 87
Bolivia, N.C. 28422

Uncertified Copy

An uncertified copy of a deed or other document (legal or letter size) is 25¢ per page. Add 50¢ if ordering by mail. A large copy of a map is $2.00 per map.

Send written request along with payment to:

P. O. Box 87
Bolivia, N.C. 28422

Online Copy

To view or download documents, go to our online records and log in. After the disclaimer, select the "Combined Real Property/MAPS" link from the right column. Recordings from September, 1939 to present are searchable by grantor (seller), grantee (buyer), document type, date range, and book/page. You only need one of the criteria to get results.i

Example: To find your deed, type your name in the grantee (buyer) field and click the Perform Search button. Select the "Download PDF" link to print and/or save the document.

The "Legacy Indexes 1932-1953" link contain PDFs of each grantor and grantee index book for that period. Each book can be searched alphabetically for the particular name. Once the name is found, the book and page of the document can be retrieved, and entered on the search page to view the image.

Identity Theft Protection Act

Per North Carolina GS 132-1.10.(g) Any person has a right to request the register of deeds to remove, from an image or copy of an official record placed on a register of deeds' Internet Website available to the general public or on an Internet Website available to the general public used by a register of deeds to display public records, any social security, employer taxpayer identification, drivers license, state identification, passport, checking account, savings account, credit card, or debit card number, or personal identification (PIN) code or passwords contained in an official record. Click here to download the Internet Redaction Request Form.